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[Infographics] - How do European SMEs select their vehicles?

[Infographics] - How do European SMEs select their vehicles?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
SMEs looking for a car to lease

In line with the growing importance of small and medium-sized enterprises in European business fabrics, the Corporate Vehicle Observatory (CVO) zoomed in on this specific segment of economic activity and in 2017 sought to listen to the voice of the various European officials in such varied areas as:

  • The main financing methods adopted by European SMEs

  • Their growth outlook

  • Which criteria they consider most appropriate to support their choice

  • How they look at new trends in new technologies, in particular, the adoption of telematics.


The results of this barometer has been splitted into 4 different infographics.The first one is dedicated to the criteria on which SMEs base their analysis to choose their vehicles.

Top preferred benefits of full Service Leasing by SMEs:

  • Respectively 43% for Belgium and 50% for France: Fixed monthly rental

  • 76% Pay only of the use of the car in Italy

  • 62% car renewal every 3 years in UK

  • 66% speed of delivery in Spain


Infographics - SME and Leasing