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Arval Jiutong, launches its full-service offer in China

Arval Jiutong, launches its full-service offer in China

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Arval Juitong

Arval Jiutong, the joint venture of Arval, a company specialised in full-service vehicle leasing and a BNP Paribas 100% subsidiary, and Shanghai Bashi Car Rental Service, held an opening ceremony in Shanghai on 22 October 2015 to officially kick off its full-service long term car leasing business in China.

Arval Jiutong will start with a fleet of more than 4000 vehicles, 160 experienced talents and a strong network covering 53 cities. Equipped with the advanced fleet management system, Arval Jiutong will provide high-quality full-service vehicle leasing solutions to local and international enterprises in China. In addition, Arval Jiutong will offer its expert advice and superior service quality to clients through its wide network across China.

The idea of the joint venture (JV) was born by the mutual appreciation of complementary competences and the desire to become a reference in full-service car leasing in China.

During the opening ceremony, Zhongqiu Li, Deputy President of Shanghai Jiushi (Group) expressed his confidence: “We are celebrating together, fully driven by mutual respect, trust and a shared conviction that the market is ready for optimised and pragmatic fleet management solutions in China. Shanghai Jiushi (Group) Co., Ltd, as the biggest public transport services provider in China, always dedicates itself to satisfy people’s mobility needs, through its fleets of bus and taxi. We are more than happy to see that Arval Jiutong will bring the world-class full-service car leasing solutions to the enterprises in China. This is definitely complementary to our public service business and will provide more value to our clients in the market. We are confident that Arval Jiutong will become a leader in the full-service car leasing industry in the near future.”

Shanghai Jiushi (Group) Co., Ltd is a key stakeholder of Shanghai Qiangsheng Holding Co., Ltd, which 100% owns Shanghai Bashi Car Rental.