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Arval France: strongly committed to disability

Arval France: strongly committed to disability

Friday, April 1, 2016

Arval France takes a proactive approach in favor of disability. For 7 years now, the so-called “Mission handicap” manages and coordinates the disability policy within the French subsidiary.

In 2015, the employment rate of people with disabilities raised by 19% within Arval France. This good progression is the outcome of many actions deployed within the management teams of the Human Resources such as:

  • A third company agreement supporting the workers with disabilities was signed for 2015-2018

  • Regular collaboration with a specialized recruitment firm and a recruitment team mobilized

  • Adjustments and changes to the office spaces to promote job retention

  • A dedicated integration and training plan: disability awareness, trainings about the practices of recruitment

  • A personalized assistance by welfare benefits granted to the staff members

  • Awareness campaigns and communications throughout the year: 76% of the French employees gave a favorable opinions according to an internal survey conducted in 2015

  • The partnership with the Sector of Protected and Tailored Work: a useful turnover up of 26% compared to 2014.


Non-discrimination is one of the pillars of Arval’s Human Resources guiding principles. In order to enforce this commitment, Arval trains its HR managers in non-discrimination practices and teaches them to promote inclusion and diversity.

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