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Arval awarded a Gold level on EcoVadis

Arval awarded a Gold level on EcoVadis

Friday, April 8, 2016

EcoVadis is a collaborative platform allowing companies to assess the environmental and social performance of their global suppliers. Clients use the EcoVadis rating when selecting new suppliers or when reviewing suppliers with whom they already have a contract. The 2015 assessment revealed that Arval is among the top 13% of suppliers from our industry, with 20 points above the average score.

At the heart of EcoVadis is the sustainability Scorecard, an easy-to-use rating system for tracking CSR performance on 21 criteria in four topics:

  • Environment
  • Labor Practices
  • Ethics
  • Supply Chain


While all suppliers assessed by EcoVadis average at 41.8/100, Arval has reached an overall score of 62/100. This excellent result has granted Arval the Gold Recognition Level from EcoVadis.

Arval is among the top 13% of suppliers from our industry on the overall score and one of the best on environmental criteria with a score of 80/100 for this topic. Arval considers as its duty to do its best to minimize its environmental impact, as well as raise awareness among its clients and actively help reduce theirs. For several years, Arval has developed many activities, both upstream, through research and discussion with manufacturers, and downstream, with clients and colleagues.

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