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ARVAL and PSA GROUP get together to offer new opportunities

ARVAL and PSA GROUP get together to offer new opportunities

Thursday, November 3, 2016
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Arval and PSA have signed an agreement under which they will offer new telematics services to clients of the Arval Active Link solution for Peugeot, Citroën and DS vehicles.

The Arval Active Access option available in all countries where the Arval Active Link telematics solution is offered (and particularly in France, Italy, Spain and the UK) provides fleet managers with additional possibilities for tracking and optimising their Peugeot, Citroën and DS vehicles fleet.




Telematics is today recognised as an effective and innovative lever of reducing company vehicle fleet risks and costs. Arval is a clear forerunner in this market, having chosen last year to roll out its Arval Active Link solution for every vehicle in its fleet. PSA Group has widely recognised expertise in connected vehicle technology, being a pioneer in emergency call systems that are now fitted to around 2 million vehicles worldwide.

Under the terms of a completely new type of collaboration between manufacturer and leasing company, technical data gathered by PSA will be used to enhance the services offered by Arval from the end of 2016 onwards. This collaboration will be put to practical use through the creation of a new Arval Active Link option available on compatible Peugeot, Citroën and DS vehicles: Arval Active Access.




Arval Active Access provides the companies with access to data directly gathered from the Peugeot, Citroën and DS vehicles operated by their customers. This new option offers Arval clients additional opportunities for optimising their vehicle fleet:

  1. Measurement of vehicle fuel consumption per journey. This additional level of accuracy allows fleet managers to measure the fuel economies achieved by each driver where a vehicle is shared between drivers (as part of a car pool or car sharing scheme).

  2. An additional way of countering fuel fraud. Data generated directly by the fuel gauge (via the CAN bus) alerts fleet managers immediately of any suspicious change in tank level and/or any inconsistency relative to the fuel purchasing transaction recorded via the fuel card. This data can then be used as evidence in the event of a dispute.

  3. Real-time maintenance and fault alerts. Arval Active Access will provide real-time transmission of alerts generated by vehicle control systems. Customers can choose which alerts they wish to receive on the basis of their own needs.


 "This collaboration with PSA Group gives us the opportunity to offer our clients an enriched Arval Active Link offer, enhanced with new possibilities in terms of fleet optimisation", says Arval Chief Digital Officer Angela Montacute. "We will be paying close attention to any opportunity to extend this collaboration for the benefit of our clients. It definitely represents the future for manufacturer/leasing company relationships".

"The accuracy of data generated by our on-board calculators will enable Arval to enhance its offer, and deliver even more value to customers looking to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of the vehicles they operate", explains Brigitte Courtehoux, Director of Connected Services and Mobility at PSA Group.