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Our responsibility


All over the world, Arval’s subsidiaries are concentrating on creating, promoting and delivering responsible products and services.

  • Arval Austria

Offers clients a fuel card that measures their consumption when they buy fuel, making it possible to calculate each vehicle’s CO2 emissions. This information, transmitted to fleet managers via digital tools, allows them to compare real emissions per litre of fuel with theoretical emissions provided by the manufacturer. The Arval Active Link telematics solution will make these measurements even more precise and provide a more accurate analysis of driver behaviour.

  • Arval Belgium

launched Arval Car Sharing in 2015 with the purchase of 20 cars. The service is already being used by some clients. 

  • Arval Luxembourg

is making life simpler and more eco-friendly for its clients by providing drivers with documents in digital form, cutting back on paper use.

  • Arval Netherlands

introduced Arval Mobility Link, a platform that allows employees to choose for themselves the best way to travel on each journey – by car, bicycle or public transportation – and simplifies the administration of monitoring transport costs while providing incentives to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

  • Arval Poland

facilitates safe, eco-friendly driving through the Arval Driving Academy, the first such training programme in the country’s fleet market. The academy will offer over a thousand BGZ BNP Paribas company car users a full day of obligatory training in eco and defensive driving.

  • Arval Romania

is tackling the CO2 problem by offering clients an emission-offsetting programme with Tree Nation.

  • Arval Switzerland 

is selling CO2 compensation through myclimate; so far, its customers have compensated for over 108 tonnes of emissions.

  • Arval UK

had a busy year, especially in the digital realm. Some 3,200 customers (7.7%) now use e-Billing, and it has developed a range of electronic tools for customers and their drivers, among them driver apps for Arval Mobile+ and the Arval Drive Challenge,

a comprehensive suite of electronic reporting tools for Arval Fleet View and Arval Analytics,a new telematics solution with Arval Active Link and new prospecting tools with arval.co.uk and Arval Webstore.


Many of these initiatives were recognized by awards and commendations from the 2015 Business Car Fleet Technology Awards.


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Arval responsibility