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Arval Talent Initiatives at glance

Arval is a place for people in action and has always had a strong reputation for developing its employees.

At Arval we have local and international programmes adapted to different typology of talents: BNP Paribas Group Initiative Leaders For Tomorrow and Arval in house Initiative Arval Talent Care Programme.

In the heart of Paris and other great places, Arval offers you the opportunity to participate in an exciting success story - with talents from around the world and a chance to learn from experts in a variety of fields. Every day we have challenging tasks and opportunities to grow beyond. You can activate your creative ideas and help shape Arval's future. Discover below about these great events for our talented employees. Write the story of Arval and make it your own!

Our 2 Programmes

  • Awards Talent


    A 5 steps programme dedicated to resolve strategic challenges of Arval's business. An international teamwork based on design thinking and agile methodologies.
  • Leaders for Tomorrow miniature


    An initiative to prepare the next generation of leaders, a dynamic pool of entrepreneurs and change agents reflecting the diversity of the Group and its clients.

Discover the talent's journey

Inputs from the programmes



A voluntary, interactive and non-hierarchical relationship between a mentor and a mentee.

Contribute to strategic project

resolve business challenges

As part of the Talent's Programme who will have to resolve concrete business challenges in an innovative way.

Local and International Recognition

international recognition

Be part of an international community of more than 200 talents from 28 different countries.

New ways of working

innovation tools

Get access to dedicated innovative tools and methodologies : Insights Methodology, TedX coaching, Coursera, Harvard Moocs.  

Talents' Testimonies

Suzanne Ford talent

Arval Talent is a fantastic program, a solid framework to help us grow, create and signifies a commitment to our development by Arval’s Directors. It was the time, team work and our energy which made it a great success.

Suzanne Ford
Head of Customer Experience, Arval UK
Alessandro Floria Talent

My Mentor helped me to jump “out of the box” and develop new concrete approaches on topics related with my job, my team and my professional path. It was a concrete help to stepping out of my comfort zone.

Alessandro Floria
Head of Mid Term Rental, Arval Italy
Nicolas Trokiner Talent

The immersion day spent with my mentor - General Manager of a G4 country - was an outstanding opportunity to observe how the open-minded and bold attitude that is part of Arval DNA knows no frontiers or barriers.

Nicolas Trokiner
Head of Group Management Control, Corporate
Nicolas Trokiner Talent
Claudia Kaiser Talent

It was very exciting to work with colleagues sharing openly so much expertise from different business backgrounds. As a team, it helped enormously to explore aspects beyond the daily routine, to push further and to cross borders.

Claudia Kaiser
Manager Business Team BNP Paribas/IBC/Small, Arval Germany
Claudia Kaiser Talent