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Chairman's statement: Laurent Tréca

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Laurent Tréca: Chairman and CEO of Arval
Laurent Tréca

"In 2010, as in previous years, Arval registered strong results and continued to expand internationally. We owe these results, above all, to the trust placed in us by our customers, small and large, long-standing or more recent. Day in, day out, in each of our 22 subsidiaries, our teams deliver Service Quality, Expert Advice and a policy of innovation rewarded with customer loyalty.

This year 2010 also demonstrated, if any doubt remained, that full service vehicle leasing is clearly the best way to manage a corporate fleet. By passing the resale risk of end of contract vehicles onto the lessor, full service leasing cushions the customer from the impact of the economic crisis. It also allows the customer to budget for and optimise the total cost of ownership of their vehicles by incorporating all the operational and financial parameters at the outset (including maintenance, fuel, roadside assistance, insurance and the cost of downtime).

The global economic crisis has not called our business into question; our product offering and business model have instead come through with flying colours because they benefit our customers. We are rightly very proud because we love our business and we would like to thank our customers, suppliers and employees for their loyalty. 

It is not, however, the time to rest on our laurels. As a consequence, Arval is constantly driving forward a number of improvement initiatives. Our service quality, for example, is very closely monitored and improves year-on-year, as demonstrated in the new 2010 global survey conducted by market research specialist TNS Sofres. We understand that the full service leasing market is far from mature and that this product will continue to significantly evolve as it incorporates both technological and social advances such as telematics, increasingly detailed reporting, and innovative mobility solutions such as car pooling and electric vehicles. Each advance is tested and approved in-house before being developed and launched on the market where it may bring about an improvement in service quality for our customers.

A very large number of corporate vehicles are used by very small companies; craftsmen, shopkeepers and the liberal professions. In light of this, we are developing a new service tailored specifically to these small but numerous customers. The way in which we set about meeting their particular needs and demands will undoubtedly give rise to new solutions that can be used to benefit all of our clients.

Lastly, our business activities are governed by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The cornerstone of our activity, it represents a set of values that closely link us with our customers while also inspiring innovation. Together, Arval staff members, clients and suppliers, are responsible citizens working with a rewarding product, the motor car.  We are striving to reduce the cost of vehicle usage and to limit the resulting environmental impact while improving driver safety. Adopting a sustainable approach to these challenges makes us optimistic for the future."